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This page provides information about the software products and cloud services which use or work with PostgreSQL. The main purpose is to help users to adopt PostgreSQL who want or have to use specific software. We would very much appreciate it if you could join us to enrich this information and keep it fresh.

312 products are listed that can be used with PostgreSQL. (as of January 3, 2020)

Horizontal market software

Vertical market software

Software exclusively for PostgreSQL


  • Provider -- The name of the company, open source project, or an individual who provides the software.
  • Website -- The main page for the software.
  • License -- The format is one of the following:
    • proprietary
    • open source (license_name (e.g. Apache License 2.0))
    • proprietary and open source (license_name (e.g. GPLv2))
  • Interoperability level -- The interoperability the software provider officially states in their documentation or website. The format is something like one of the following:
    • explicitly supports PostgreSQL 9.x or higher
    • interoperable via generic JDBC/ODBC/.NET connection
    • not officially interoperable, but works by creating or using an existing custom script, plugin, etc.
  • Verified PostgreSQL versions -- The PostgreSQL versions and their platforms which were verified to work by the reporter of this entry.
    • 9.5 on Linux x86_64(64-bit)
    • 9.4-9.5 on Linux x86_64 and Windows(64-bit), 9.6 on Windows x86(32-bit)
    • didn't actually run the program, but just checked the documentation
  • Last update (YYYY-MM-DD) -- The last date when the information was updated, or the date when the correctness was confirmed with the latest version of the software.
  • Description -- A short description of the software itself, which is preferably a paragraph long.
  • Additional info -- The link to the page on this wiki where you can find information helpful for using the software with PostgreSQL (tips, tricks and traps), how the interoperability was confirmed, etc.


Please note that the PostgreSQL Global Development Group do not endorse or recommend any products listed, and cannot vouch for the quality or reliability of any of them.

Adding software

If you want to use some software or cloud service with PostgreSQL which is not interoperable, or want the interoperability to be improved, please let us know the details via the following questionnaire. You can see the survey result in real time in the following survey result spreadsheets:

For the background of the survey, read this mail. Your voice may promote the interoperability and smoother adoption of PostgreSQL!

If you confirmed some software works with PostgreSQL, please add or update an entry in the appropriate category page. If you unsure under which category to put your entry, look it up by searching the software on Wikipedia and see the "Type" item. Please use the below template to add a new entry, replacing "<software_name>" with the actual software name. If you have some how-tos to share, add a page named "Ecosystem:<software_name>" on this wiki, and link it from "Additional info." Otherwise, remove the link specification and leave this item blank.

== <software_name> ==

* Provider -- 
* Website -- 
* License -- 
* Interoperability level -- 
* Verified PostgreSQL versions -- 
* Last update (YYYY-MM-DD) -- 20XX-1-1
* Description -- 
* Additional info -- [[Ecosystem:<software_name>|click here]]