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Interstage Business Process Manager Analytics

  • Provider -- Fujitsu Limited
  • Website --
  • License -- proprietary
  • Interoperability level -- explicitly supports PostgreSQL (no specific version is specified)
  • Verified PostgreSQL versions -- didn't actually run the program, but just checked the documentation
  • Last update (YYYY-MM-DD) -- 2017-4-26
  • Description -- Interstage Business Process Manager Analytics visualizes the business situation in real time intuitively by graphing business data and alert notification based on threshold. This enables you to grasp the business situation quickly and support quick judgment and coping. In addition, since Fujitsu's proprietary technology makes it possible to visualize the overall picture of the process, you can grasp the problems in the business process such as bottleneck and efficiently improve business operations.
  • Additional info -- click here