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EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager

  • Provider -- EnterpriseDB Corporation
  • Website --
  • License -- proprietary
  • Interoperability level -- explicitly supports PostgreSQL 9.1 or higher
  • Verified PostgreSQL versions -- See:
  • Last update (YYYY-MM-DD) -- 2017-6-7
  • Description -- EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager is designed for monitoring, managing and tuning large scale installations of local and remote Postgres deployments. DBA features include: customizable monitoring dashboards with drill down tables/charts, over 225 pre-defined monitoring probes, custom probes, server auto-discovery, At-A-Glance global status and performance dashboards, Capacity Manager, Audit Manager, Log Manager, Log Analyzer Expert, Postgres Expert (best practice configuration engine), SQL Profiler, Index Advisor, Tuning Wizard, Team Management, flexible SMTP/SNMP alerts, and job scheduler. Developer features include: visual SQL debugger to step through server side stored procedures and triggers, drag and drop SQL query editor, data grids for instant editing, Graphical Query Editor, syntax highlighting, indentation, auto completion, macros and a graphical explain plan.
  • Additional info -- click here
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