PgCon 2009 Lightning talks

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Schedule of Talks

1. postgresqlfs (demo!) Peter Eisentraut

2. PostGIS Leo Hsu and Regina Obe

3. LFI: Using Fault Injection to Test PostgreSQL Emmanuel Cecchet, Aster Data Systems

4. EPIC: Testing inside the database Robert Brewer,

5. Monitoring PostgreSQL from the JBoss Application Server Jesper Pedersen, JBoss a division of Red Hat

6. Page Costs and the Buffer Cache, Robert Haas

7. Updated Postgres Tools from Jonah H. Harris,

8. DTrace Probes in PostgreSQL Robert Lor

9. New TIGER Geocoder Stephen Frost, Noblis

10. PGQ, PDQ Dimitri Fontaine Dimitri's blog

11. How not to Review a Patch Joshua Tolley, End Point

12. Primary Keyvil Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL Experts

Proposed/Backup Talks

"Drivolution: Storing drivers in the database" Emmanuel Cecchet, FrogThinker

"Dolly: Cloning instead of pg_dump/pg_restore" Emmanuel Cecchet, UMass Amherst

Add your name here if you'd like to give a talk.