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Sponsorship from the PostgreSQL.Org Fundraising Group

The PostgreSQL SPI Charter

How the Fundraising Group votes

Fundraising Group members

Requesting Sponsorship

Types of sponsorship:

Examples of fundraising group sponsorship:

  • Travel to technical tradeshows
    • We have sponsored various speakers to various PostgreSQL related conferences
  • SWAG (T-shirts, folders, flyers)
  • Cost of operations
    • PostgreSQL community infrastructure (for web, email, git, etc.)
  • Professional services (video editing, graphics)

To request sponsorship send an email to funds-group <at> postgresql.org describing:

  • What you are seeking sponsorship for
  • Total estimated costs for sponsorship

What is considered for Sponsorship approval

  • If requesting sponsorship to provide a talk
    • Where the talk is being held
    • Expected attendance to the talk
    • Cost
    • Will you provide the talk as Foss or Creative Commons
  • If requesting sponsorship for an event
    • Are you charging for the event
    • Where are the proceeds going
    • What will the result of the event be?
      • Is it a PUG meeting, thus adding to the community as a whole?
        • Will the talk from the PUG meeting be available as FOSS or Creative Commons
  • What is the benefit to the community?
    • Will there be other contributors present that can perform the same function?
    • Has the community shown an interest in extending whatever the task is?
    • Is there already an existing community sub project tasks with the process?

Professional Services sponsorship

The below is how sponsorship will be determined if the sponsorship is going to be provided for professional services such as video editing, graphics design etc...

  • Provide an estimate from the vendor in writing.
    • The estimate should include what will be provided
    • How much wiggle room we have (executive edits, moves, adds, changes)
    • When the services will be delivered
    • What the deliverable is
  • At least one competitive bid
  • References for each vendor
  • What is the benefit to the community
  • Your recommendation after receiving all materials.

We are *not* looking for the cheapest solution. We are not the government. We are looking for TCO. That means we may be willing to pay more if the provider has a better track record (for example).

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