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                    Governance Charter of the Relationship
                         between the PostgreSQL project
                    and Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

Core Team Membership

The Core Team of the PostgreSQL project currently consists of the following people: Peter Eisentraut, Magnus Hagander, Tom Lane, Bruce Momjian, Dave Page. The Core Team appoints its own members.

Fundraising Group Membership

The Fundraising Group (a.k.a. Funds Group) of the PostgreSQL project initially consisted of the members of The PostgreSQL Foundation Inc. that were active at the time of its termination. Thereafter, the Fundraising Group appoints its own members using the normal procedures for proposals and votes, as described below. The current membership is shown here: Fundraising Group members

Fundraising Group Elected Positions

The Fundraising Group elects an SPI Liaison and an Deputy SPI Liaison. The appointments are subject to the veto of the Core Team. The appointments do not have an explicit duration, but either may be replaced at any time using the normal procedures for proposals and votes, as described below.

The duty of the SPI Liaison is primarily to represent the interests and decisions of the Fundraising Group to SPI. Additionally the SPI Liaison will submit to SPI on an ongoing basis a list of persons eligible for automatic SPI contributing membership in recognition of their contributions to the PostgreSQL project.

The duty of the Deputy SPI Liaison is to perform the duties of the SPI Liaison in the case that the SPI Liaison is unavailable for a non-trivial amount of time, or upon explicit request of the SPI Liaison or the Fundraising Group.

Proposals and Voting

Proposals must be made explicitly via email on the Funds Group mailing list, and be seconded prior to discussion and voting.

Decisions require discussion and voting in accordance with How the Fundraising Group votes in order to be valid.