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The PostgreSQL fundraising group will typically decide matters via general consensus on our discussion list. However, should a matter be of enough concern group members may submit a motion and follow the guidelines as listed below.

  • All current members of the Fundraising Group are eligible to vote.
  • All current members of the Fundraising Group may submit a motion.
  • The chair is either the SPI Board Observer or the SPI Liason.
  • Deliberations shall occur once the motion is seconded.
  • Debate should take place in a new thread on the mailing list.
  • Debate should end no sooner than 3 days after the question has been stated by the chair.
  • Deliberations may be closed at the chair's discretion should the debate appear completed.
  • Resolutions shall be adopted by a simple majority vote.
  • Votes may be collected in either of two ways. The voting method may be determined by the member who makes the motion. If no voting method is thus determined, the chair must specify a method before the vote is opened. Only one method will be used per vote.
  • The possible voting methods are: Email Members will send their ballot to both the Liason and Observer using the email address subscribed to the Funds mailing list. Both Liason and observer will tabulate the votes independently. Votes which do not appear on both lists will be discarded after contacting the member involved to allow them to re-vote. Although not required, email voting should utilize use PGP to sign the vote. Web Members will log in and vote on an authenticated web interface.
  • A web vote is required should the vote pertain to one of the following:
   1. The appointment of a Fundraising Group representative.
   2. The removal of a Fundraising Group representative from their position.
   3. The chair determines that the vote is one of a controversial or sensitive nature.

  • Both voting methods will allow the option to "abstain". Members may abstain either by submitting a ballot indicating the abstention, or by not submitting a ballot. Votes of "abstain" are counted as participating only.
  • Voting will remain open for 7 days.
  • Ballots are confidential. They may not be shared except by the Liason and Board Advisor for verification purposes.
  • The Liason or Observer should post an email to the Funds mailing list no later then 48 hours before the end of the vote, listing who has voted as a reminder to all to vote and those whose ballot may not have been received.
  • The vote results should be posted to the mailing list within 24 hours of the vote closing.
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