Ride Board PGDAY SJ 2009

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If you need a ride or can provide one, post here! Please include some contact info.


Driver Leaving From Riders Comments
Steve Crawford El Cerrito Miho Alternately, can swap passengers w/SF driver and get riders on East side. Need to arrive at/before 9am with audio eqpt.
Quinn Weaver South Berkeley Brian Going down east side. Can take two more. Address quinn, domain pgexperts.com.
Dave Tittle Sacramento No radio. Must converse.
John Fabiani Woodland Room for one.
Steve Buttgereit San Francisco Joe Conway If you can meet me at Balboa Park BART/Muni station at 7:30AM or SFO around 7:54AM, I do have room for 2 others. scb at the domain musesystems com. I'll be in SJ though the Party.
Igor Polishchuk San Francisco Yehuda I can be at Glen Park BART at 8:30AM. I have room for 3. If somebody wants to go with me, send me a note at i_polishchuk@yahoo.com


Rider Leaving From Has ride Comments
Joe Conway SFO yes Flight arrives 7:54
Miho San Francisco yes
Yehuda San Francisco (Mission) yes

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