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Videos are now up for the pgDay.

pgDay San Jose 2009

Thanks to generous sponsors O'Reilly and Associates, EnterpriseDB and Aster Data, we will be having a full day of PostgreSQL talks at the San Jose Convention Center immediately before O'Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON). Join us and learn lots about PostgreSQL, the new Version 8.4, and database application design!


  • When: Sunday, July 19th, 2009
    • 9:30am to 9pm
  • Where: San Jose Convention Center, Rooms B1 & B4
    • Followed by a party at the Britannia Arms Downtown


Registration is free, but you must RSVP on the Meetup Page for the pgDay. Note that registration for the 8.4 Party is separate.

All attendees are encouraged to donate to so that we can hold more events in the future.


Time Talk Speaker Company
9:45 Introduction pgDay Committee
10:15 Version 8.4: Easier to Administer than Ever Josh Berkus PostgreSQL Experts
10:45 Rapid Upgrades with pg_Migrator Bruce Momjian EnterpriseDB
11:15 Coffee Break Sponsored by
Aster Data
11:35 Check Please! What Your Postgres
Databases Wishes You Would Monitor
Robert Treat OmniTI
12:20 Lunch Break
1:45pm PostgreSQL Pitfalls Jeff Davis Truviso
2:35pm What works with Postgres
The Open Geo Data
Interoperabilty Overview
Brian Hamlin OSGeo Foundation
3:20pm Coffee Break Sponsored by
Aster Data
3:40pm Very Large Databases and PostgreSQL
Issues and Solutions
John Cieslewicz Aster Data
4:25pm pgGearman: A distributed
worker queue for PostgreSQL
Brian Aker
Eric Day
Gearman Project
5:15pm Lightning Talks Various Various
7:00pm PostgreSQL 8.4 Party Everybody Sponsored By


San Jose Convention Center

San Jose McEnery Convention Center
150 West San Carlos St.
San Jose, CA 95113

We will be in rooms B1 and B2, which are on the Exhibit Level on the Market Street side of the Convention Center. See Convention Center Map. At this time, we don't now which entrances will be open on Sunday.

Britannia Arms Downtown

Downtown Britannia Arms
173 W. Santa Clara St.
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 278-1400

From 7pm onwards, we will be celebrating the release of version 8.4 (hopefully) of PostgreSQL at the Britannia Arms. It is located a few blocks away from the convention center. See Party Details below. Note that this is not the Britannia Arms Almaden, which is in another part of San Jose.

Walking Directions from SJCC and Train Directions


pgDay San Jose would not be possible without the generous help of the following sponsors:

Venue Sponsor

O'Reilly and Associates, publishers and conference organizers of open source and technology content everywhere including OSCON, have generously provided space for the pgDay San Jose.

Platinum Sponsor

EnterpriseDB, makers of Postgres Plus and Advanced Server as well as major sponsors of the PostgreSQL project, are sponsoring the pgDay San Jose to make a celebration of version 8.4 possible.

Break Sponsor

Aster Data, makers of Aster nCluster, not only allow PostgreSQL to scale to petabytes of data, but have also made our coffee breaks possible for the pgDay.

Media Sponsor

Chanticleer Films produces and publishes video for all San Francisco PostgreSQL events.

OSCON Information

O'Reilly Open Source Conference is the most prominent open source software developer conference in the United States. It attracts thousands of open source developers every year for two days of tutorials and three days of talks. OSCON will be held at the San Jose Convention Center immediately after pgDay San Jose.

The main OSCON program includes several talks about PostgreSQL and PostGIS, and even more talks about database application design in general. Registration is still open; if you are excited about pgDay San Jose, you should plan to go to OSCON as well.

Talk Details

PostgreSQL 8.4: Easiest to Administer Ever

This half-hour talk will focus on the new features of version 8.4 which make PostgreSQL easier to install, configure, monitor and troubleshoot than it has ever been before. With demos of some features.

Josh Berkus is on the PostgreSQL Core Team, and is also CEO of PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

Rapid Upgrades With Pg_Migrator

This talk is about pg_migrator, a tool that allows upgrades from Postgres 8.3 to 8.4 without a dump/restore. The talk will explain how pg_migrator works and includes performance metrics. A live demo will show how to upgrade a database.

Bruce Momjian is a co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, and has worked on PostgreSQL since 1996. He is the author of PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts, published by Addison-Wesley. Bruce is employed by EnterpriseDB.

Check Please! What Your Postgres Databases Wishes You Would Monitor

Compared to many proprietary systems, Postgres tends to be pretty straight foward to run. However, if you want to get the most from your database, you shouldn't just set it and forget it, you need to monitor a few key pieces of information to keep performance going. This talk will review several key metrics you should be aware of, and explain under which scenarios you may need additional monitoring.

Robert Treat leads the database operations group at OmniTI, one of the worlds premiere internet consulting agencies, running some of the largest and high rate OLTP Postgres systems around. Robert is a recognized expert within the open source database industry, speaking at various international conferences, and maintaining a popular blog at

PostgreSQL Pitfalls

This talk warns of the edge cases in PostgreSQL that can get you into trouble. The examples span from simply unintuitive behavior to the gory implementation details (like snapshot isolation) that leave real problems at the surface. Application programmers and DBAs alike should be aware of these pitfalls, know how to work around them, and know that most of these problems aren't unique to PostgreSQL.

Jeff Davis is a software engineer at Truviso, Inc., a streaming database system company. He has been a PostgreSQL community member since 2000, and he contributed the Synchronized Scan feature for PostgreSQL 8.3.

Talk Slides

What works with Postgres - the Open Geo Data Interoperabilty Overview

Stacks Make Apps

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) is home to a bevy of open standards, OSS licensed projects, many of which offer interoperability with Postgres and especially PostGIS. Presented is an overview of a number of working stack components you can use today for Geo-aware end-user solutions.

Brian Hamlin is a founder of the California chapter of the OSGeo Foundation, and a professional developer of custom Geo applications.

Very Large Databases and PostgreSQL: Issues and Solutions

Description TBA this week.

pgGearman: A distributed worker queue for PostgreSQL

Brian Aker and Eric Day will present their work on Gearman, a distributed worker queue which load-balances tasks over a cluster of servers, and PGGearman, the PostgreSQL interface to Gearman. With PGGearman, it will be possible to "farm out" CPU-intensive tasks to a cluster of servers from inside the database, or even send tasks to another database server.

Brian Aker is one of the key architects of MySQL, and now leads both the Drizzle and Gearman projects in an effort to bring open source data technology to cloud architectures. Eric Day is a major contributor to the Gearman and Drizzle projects. They both work for Sun Microsystems.

Lightning Talks

For five minutes each, speakers will present a bevy of tools, ideas, solutions and extensions to PostgreSQL and complimentary technologies. We still have a few slots open, so contact us if you want to present!

  • Lightning Talks: David Fetter
  • Add Constraints for Performance: Jeff Davis (Talk Slides)
  • OpenStreetMap: Russ Nelson
  • The Tungsten Platform & Londiste: Robert Hodges
  • PL/R: Joe Conway
  • Open Database Alliance: Monty Widenius
  • Code Scan: David Maxwell
  • User Groupalooza: Selena Deckelmann

Party Details

The 8.4 Party will be at the Britannia Arms Downtown (see above) about 6 blocks from the Convention Center. We will have the entire patio, and will be serving free beer (yaaay, free as in beer) to everyone who RSVPs, as well as snacks. The party will start at 7pm and run until whenever.

All attendees at the pgDay are invited, as well as other open source people attending OSCON or in the San Jose area. However, you must RSVP on our Meetup Page for the party.

For people coming from the Convention Center, we will meet outside the Market Street entrance at 6:30pm and walk over to the Britannia Arms in a group.

Organizing Committee

Josh Berkus, David Fetter, Robert Hodges, Miho Ishakura, Bruce Momjian, Elein Mustain, Githogori Nyangara-Murage, Robert Treat