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A list of PostgreSQL derived forks and rebranded distributions in alphabetical order.

Name Vendor License Availability Notes
AgensGraph Bitnine Apache2 2016- PostgreSQL + Graph Model features (Support graph storage and Cypher query language)
Aster Data Teradata Proprietary 2005-.... PostgreSQL + Map/Reduce
BDR 2ndQuadrant BSD 2014- PostgreSQL Multi Master, contributed actively back to Core PG
Bizgres Greenplum BSD 2005-2007 PostgreSQL + BI features
Cybercluster Cybertec BSD 2007-2010 Clustering (pgCluster fork)
Greenplum Database Greenplum Apache2 2005-.... PostgreSQL + BI features (formerly known as "Bizgres MPP") [1]
ExtenDB ExtenDB Proprietary 2003-2007 PostgreSQL + BI Features [2]
FerretDB FerretDB Apache2 2021-.... FerretDB is a drop-in replacement for MongoDB 6.0+ which uses PostgreSQL for storing the data. [3]
FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Fujitsu proprietary 2006-.... Full PostgreSQL compatibility with additional functionality [4]
GresCube NTT DATA Proprietary 2012-.... Database appliance solution based on PostgreSQL [5]
GridSQL EnterpriseDB GPL 2007-2010 PostgreSQL + BI Features (formerly ExtenDB) [6]
Great Bridge PostgreSQL Great Bridge LLC BSD 1999-2001 PostgreSQL re-distribution
HadoopDB Yale University Apache License V2.0 2009-.... PostgreSQL + shared-nothing cluster + Hadoop [7]
Neon Neon Apache2 2022-.... Neon is an open-source serverless PostgreSQL implementation heavily inspired by AWS Aurora whitepaper [8]
OrioleDB OrioleDB PostgreSQL License 2022-.... OrioleDB is an attempt to improve PostgreSQL by using lock-free page reading, undo logging, row-level WAL and more. [9]
Hadapt Teradata Proprietary 2011-.... HadoopDB fork
TimescaleDB Timescale Apache 2.0 / Timescale License 2016-.... TimescaleDB is an open-core DBMS for time-series based on PostgreSQL. Features include incrementally updated views and columnar compression. [10]
Mammoth Command Prompt BSD 2005-2010 PostgreSQL + proprietary replication + extensions
Netezza IBM proprietary 2002-.... Appliance based on PostgreSQL SQL engine
NuSphere UltraSQL NuSphere proprietary 2002-2003 Native Win32 port of PostgreSQL
ParAccel Actian proprietary 2005-.... PostgreSQL + BI features [11]
Pervasive PostgreSQL Pervasive BSD 2005-2006 PostgreSQL re-distribution
pgCluster SRA BSD 2002-2005 Clustering (Share Nothing)
pgCluster-II SRA BSD 2006-2007 Clustering (Shared Disk)
pgPool-II pgPool GDG BSD 2006-.... Clustering (Connection Pooling / Replication / Load-Balancing)
PipelineDB PipelineDB GPL v3 2015-.... Streaming SQL
PostgresForest NTT DATA BSD 2006-2010 Clustering / PostgresForest is a fork of the JDBC driver, not from the backend code.
EDB Postgres Advanced Server EnterpriseDB proprietary 2008-.... PostgreSQL + Oracle compatibility + security + performance tools + developer tools + DBA tools, formally Postgres Plus Advanced Server / EnterpriseDB AS [12]
Postgres Pro Enterprise Postgres Professional proprietary 2016-... PostgreSQL + enterprise features [13]
Postgres-R PGDG BSD 2006-2010 Clustering
Postgres-X2 PGX2DG BSD 2015- Clustering (formerly Postgres-XC)
Postgres-XC PGXCDG BSD 2010-2013 Clustering [14]
Postgres-XL PGXLDG BSD 2014-.... Clustering
PowerGres SRA OSS proprietary 2003-.... Native Win32 port of PostgreSQL and Linux RPM
PowerGres Plus SRA OSS proprietary 2003-.... PostgreSQL + custom storage engine, redundant WAL, encrypted database [15]
PostgreSQL for Solaris Sun TPL 2006-2009 PostgreSQL re-distribution
RecDB BSD 2013-.... Recommendation Engine [16]
Red Hat Database Red Hat BSD 2002-2003 PostgreSQL re-distribution
Redshift Amazon Private/Cloud-based 2013-.... Data Warehouse on AWS (based on ParACCEL) [17] [18]
Stado Stado GDG GPL 2011-2011 PostgreSQL + BI Features (fork of GridSQL) [19]
TelegraphCQ UC Berkeley BSD 2000-2008 Data Stream oriented fork of PostgreSQL
ToroDB 8Kdata AGPLv3 2015-2018 Turns PostgreSQL into a NoSQL database compatible with MongoDB. It can work as a standalone database or a secondary node of a MongoDB replicaset.
TruCQ Truviso proprietary 2008-2012 Fork of TelegraphCQ
Weaver Platform Sysunite GPL-3.0 2015-.... Graph Oriented App Development Platform
Yahoo! Everest Yahoo! private 2008-.... multi-petabyte database / MPP [20]
YugabyteDB Yugabyte Apache2 2016-.... YugabyteDB is distributed SQL using PostgreSQL on top of distributed storage and transaction

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