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This project seems stale and there does not seem to be any updates since 2010. See section below in links for what seemed to be the most recent links for the project.


Mammoth Replicator is an integrated asynchronous master - slave replication solution with failover support.


  1. Complete integration with PostgreSQL
  2. Master to multiple slaves
  3. Support for replication of large objects
  4. Support for switchover and failover
  5. Can replicate to periodically connecting slaves (batched updates)
  6. Can coexist with other replication solutions (i.e. warm standby or slony)


  1. No support for replication of DDL commands (i.e. CREATE TABLE)
  2. Single database only
  3. No support for cascading slaves

Current version

  • The latest stable version is 1.8, which is based on PostgreSQL 8.3
  • Version 1.9 is in-development (pre-alpha) and will support 8.4 and further version of PostgreSQL

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