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  • NTT Software Innovation Center
  • Development Roadmap
  • Projects
  • Tool development github
    • pg_rman
      • Backup and restore management tool for PostgreSQL
    • pg_bulkload
      • High speed data loading utility for PostgreSQL postgresql bulk-loader
    • pg_dbms_stats
      • Let PostgreSQL to make execution plans using frozen statistics.
    • pg_hint_plan
      • Give PostgreSQL ability to manually force some decisions in execution plans.
    • pg_store_plans
      • Store execution plans like pg_stat_statements does for queries.
    • pgaudit
      • Forked from pgaudit/pgaudit
      • PostgreSQL Audit Extension
    • syncdb
      • Synchronize table data between remote databases
    • dblink_plus
      • Send query from PostgreSQL to other RDBMS like contrib/dblink
    • pg_reorg
      • Re-organize tables on a PostgreSQL database without keeping any locks so that you can retrieve or update rows
    • db_syntax_diff
      • Forked from db-syntax-diff/db_syntax_diff
      • Check incompatible SQL statements among multiple RDBs