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  • Amit Langote is going to continue working on native (declarative) partitioning. Although the initial goal is to implement the DDL on top of existing inheritance-based partitioning capabilities so that certain optimizer and executor enhancements could be realized in near term (which the EDB/Postgres Professional members will be working on as well), he is open to adapting to any alternate partitioning infrastructure that the community thinks to be a way forward. There is no concrete proposal yet for the said alternate infrastructure, but he is currently investigating the options and will prioritize them based on the consensus within the community.
  • Once we have native partitioning, Tatsuro Yamada will work on introducing global indexes on partitioned tables.



Foreign Data Wrappers

  • Kyotaro Horiguchi will help review the work on adding aggregate pushdown to postgres_fdw, which will be proposed by the EDB members.
  • Etsuro Fujita will work on improving the postgres_fdw join pushdown. Currently, it doesn't handle some cases, such as FULL joins on relations with restrictions or SEMI/ANTI joins. And it doesn't yet attempt to create parameterized join paths even though this option does get tried for a base relation scan. He will work on eliminating these limitations.