How to sponsor a feature

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How to sponsor a feature

Propose the Feature

  • Write a detailed proposal. Here is a proposal template
  • Send it to the pgsql-hackers list.
  • Ask for feedback, and pay attention both to what comes back and to silence.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat.
  • Avoid sending such proposals during a CommitFest.

Create A Specification

You can:

  • Create this on your own.
  • Solicit community help.
  • Hire people to create the specification.

Gather Consensus on the Specification

  • Send the specification back to pgsql-hackers and make sure you get affirmative agreement before proceeding further.

Submitting Patches

  • Review Submitting a Patch prior to submitting your patch.
  • During development, make sure you send patches early and often. Giant patch dumps are a great way to get your patch rejected and/or ignored.
  • Send patches to the pgsql-hackers list along with a reminder of what has gone before. Pointers into the archives are good if some time has elapsed.