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Proposal Template For a New Feature

One-line Summary: Explain in one line regarding the feature so that most hackers can go through it and see if is interesting enough to read the rest of the proposal.

Business Use-case: Explain the problem that you are trying to solve with the proposal.

User impact with the change: What will change from the perspective of existing PostgreSQL user? (Maybe if it is a new feature they never had that syntax support or currently it gives some error, etc.)

Implementation details: If you already have an idea on how it can be implemented.

Estimated Development Time: Man-hours estimated for the proposal to be implemented. (If not sure, mention unknown)

Opportunity Window Period: An end-date if by which if it is not completed, it will be useless to work on the implementation

Budget Money: A range that the sponsor has in mind for the price of development of the proposal

Contact Information: Contact information of the sponsor

Category: Include the text: [[Category:Proposals]] so that MediaWiki categorizes your proposal appropriately.