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Sometimes you might want to create an INSERT statement which reproduces a particular row in a table. It's simple enough to do with the help of a PL/PgSQL function:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION create_insert_statement(regclass, anyelement) RETURNS text
    LANGUAGE plpgsql
    AS $$
_schemaname text;
_tablename text;
_key text;
_value text;
_columns text[];
_values text[];
SELECT pg_namespace.nspname, pg_class.relname
INTO STRICT _schemaname, _tablename
FROM pg_class
JOIN pg_namespace
    ON (pg_namespace.oid = pg_class.relnamespace)
WHERE pg_class.oid = $1;
FOR _key IN
    SELECT COLUMNS.column_name
    FROM information_schema.COLUMNS
    WHERE COLUMNS.table_schema = _schemaname
      AND COLUMNS.TABLE_NAME = _tablename
    ORDER BY COLUMNS.ordinal_position
    EXECUTE format($s$SELECT format('%%L', ((($1)::%s).%I))$s$, $1, _key) USING $2 INTO STRICT _value;
    _columns := _columns || _key;
    _values := _values || _value;
RETURN format('INSERT INTO %s (%s) VALUES (%s)', $1, array_to_string(_columns, ','), array_to_string(_values, ','));

Then you can call the function like this:

CREATE TABLE mytable(a INT, b INT);
INSERT INTO mytable VALUES (0, -999);
SELECT create_insert_statement(tableoid, mytable) FROM mytable;
-- returns
--            create_insert_statement            
-- INSERT INTO mytable (a,b) VALUES ('0','-999')
--(1 row)
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