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Page to hold PDXPUG-specific files & such. Other PUGs are welcome to use any of this material, except the logo.

If you're looking for the PDXPUG blog or meeting announcements, they're here.


Small version; not sure where the large one is


or grab the GIF version




  • PGXPUG PgDay after-party flier (2011): Front ODT | Back ODT. You'll need the following fonts: Strait, monofur.

Talks & Stuff

Past PDXPUG Talks

PDXPUG lab ideas

Speaker Info


Thank you for agreeing to speak at PDXPUG’s monthly meeting on [date].

Our meetings are held at Iovation, on the 32nd floor of the US Bancorp Tower, SW 5th & Oak downtown. (This is the same building as the Portland City Grill.) There will be a sign in the lobby announcing the meeting, including a phone number to call if you have a problem with the elevators.. The elevators are locked until ~5:45, so there's not much point in arriving before then.

Our meetings usually go from 6-7:30pm; we have about 15-30 minutes of announcements/discussion and then our main topic. Plan to speak for 45-60 minutes including questions. Group size ranges anywhere from 5-25 attendees; the average is about a dozen.

Iovation provides a projector and VGA dongle; let us know if you need another adapter or a laptop, and we'll arrange something with one of our members.

Thank you! We’re looking forward to having you at our meeting.



Welcome to the space

  • thanks to Iovation for hosting us
  • wireless login
  • restrooms
  • after meeting social hour TBD, probably Huber's


  • pdxpug twitter feed
  • past events
    • reports from Pg-related events: PgCon, PgOpen, OSCON, local postgis meeting, etc
  • upcoming events
    • announcements & plans for Pg-related events, eg conference CFPs and booth signups
  • other business
    • e.g. patches reviewed/accepted, jobs: who has one, who needs one


  • silly question + your name


  • introduce the speaker
  • talk talk talk
  • questions
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