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Our labs are very informal; think of it like the 'lab time' you used to get in college for extra time on your chemistry projects. We all answer questions and help each other out. You'll pick up tips about postgres, sure, but also system administration, vim, etc. For each lab, we'll have an "agenda" of topics we'd like to cover, but you are in no way required to do them in order, or do all of them, and you may certainly add your own.

The objective is to mess around with Pg-related stuff in a more relaxed environment than you may have at work. And on non-production equipment. :)

Ideas for workshops

  • Schemaverse! https://schemaverse.com/
  • Replication
  • Choosing a High Availability plan
  • Upgrading
    • old-school pgdump, binary or plain
    • Slony
    • pg_upgrade
  • Different ways to take backups
  • Troubleshooting slow queries
  • Monitoring (this could easily be a series on its own)
    • check_postgres
    • Try out pgbadger (bring your logs!)
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Oh no, somebody deleted pg_xlog
    • Transaction wraparound
  • Postgres on zfs
  • Postgres packet captures
  • Tour of contrib modules
  • Foreign Data Wrappers
  • Try out different transaction levels
  • Inheritance
  • Row-level security
  • Try out WAL-E
  • Admin tools
    • PgAdminIII
    • PostgreSQL Studio
  • Perf testing
  • Connection poolers:
    • pgpool
    • pgbouncer
  • Contrib modules:
    • tablefunc (crosstab!)
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