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PostgreSQL can be installed using RPMs (binary) managed by Zypper or YaST. This is available for the following Linux distributions (currently only s390x platforms; for the current release):

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server



Configure your Zypper repository

Add the software repository using Zypper:

zypper addrepo -t YUM http://packages.2ndquadrant.com/postgresql-z-suse/zypper/sles-11sp3-s390x pg
zypper refresh

Source RPMs are also available and can be added with Zypper:

zypper addrepo -t YUM http://packages.2ndquadrant.com/postgresql-z-suse/zypper/sles-11sp3 pgsrc
zypper refresh

Install PostgreSQL

To list available packages:

zypper packages -N pg

For example, to install a basic PostgreSQL 9.4 server:

zypper install postgresql94-server

Other packages can be installed according to your needs.

Post-installation commands

After installing the packages, a database needs to be initialized and configured.

In the commands below, the value of <name> will vary depending on the version of PostgreSQL used.

For PostgreSQL version 9.0 and above, the <name> includes the major.minor version of PostgreSQL, e.g., postgresql-9.4

Data Directory

The PostgreSQL data directory contains all of the data files for the database. The variable PGDATA is used to reference this directory.

For PostgreSQL version 9.0 and above, the default data directory is:


For example:



The first command (only needed once) is to initialize the database in PGDATA.

service <name> initdb

E.g. for version 9.4:

service postgresql-9.4 initdb


If you want PostgreSQL to start automatically when the OS starts:

chkconfig <name> on

E.g. for version 9.4:

chkconfig postgresql-9.4 on

Control service

To control the database service, use:

service <name> <command>

where <command> can be:

  • start : start the database
  • stop : stop the database
  • restart : stop/start the database; used to read changes to core configuration files
  • reload : reload pg_hba.conf file while keeping database running

E.g. to start version 9.4:

service postgresql-9.4 start
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