XML Indexing

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This is currently under development. See the ToDo list.


PostgreSQL currently supports indexing of XML using

  • full text search engine
  • functional indexes on XPath expressions

None of these offers the functionality needed to retrieve the data based on values of different parts of XML document. Queries on XML document are supposed to be specified using a query language like XPath or XQuery. Using a functional index on the XPath expression is the closest way, however, it is not robust and you can query the document effectively only using a constant XPath expression specified during the index creation. Users might require to query the document with various different XML queries on the same column.

The goal of this project is to provide an efficient way on how to store and retrieve tuples based on XML column values queried using XPath and/or XQuery language expressions.


  • Prepare the proposal


If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to write to

  • Pragnesh Patel - pragnesh777 at gmail dot com
  • Julius Stroffek - julo at stroffek dot net; julius dot stroffek at sun dot com