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  • TODO for David Fetter
    • Write up history [D] Completed item
    • Create presentations [D] Completed item
    • Doc changes
    • Regression tests
    • Test for breakage
  • TODO for Dan Colish
    • Get some more bounty queries
    • merge refactoring of executor into writable_cte branch
  • TODO for Marko Tiikkaja
    • Make ExecutePlan() a bit prettier ( http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-hackers/2009-11/msg01860.php )
    • Change the grammar to allow WITH before INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE [D] Completed item
    • Fix DO ALSO SELECT .. rule logic [D] Completed item
    • Implement execute-once property for CTEs with INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE [D] Completed item
    • Allow non-referenced CTEs have INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE without RETURNING [D] Completed item
    • Fix trigger behaviour inside queries which have SELECT as top-level query [D] Completed item
    • Rethink how result relations should be handled [D] Completed item