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Wishlist for PostgreSQL 8.3.0

Note: this list just attempts to track the commitment from the relevant authors. As such it does not say anything about if the code will be accepted or not.


(this stuff is ready for testing/pending review or feedback and is therefore proposed for inclusion in 8.3)


(this stuff is submitted but might not be ready in time and might get deferred to 8.4)


(this stuff is likely to get in if no show stoppers or major issues are found during review - please see the Patch Status For 8.3 page for more information.


(this features are already committed to -HEAD and will likely appear in 8.3)

  • Operator family rewrite (Tom Lane)
  • ROWS and COST specification for CREATE/ALTER FUNCTION (Tom Lane)
  • Index support for explicit ASC/DESC and NULLS FIRST/LAST ordering (Tom Lane)
  • Globally/Universally Unique Identifier (GUID/UUID) data type
  • GUID/UUID generator functions in contrib/uuid-ossp (Peter Eisentraut)
  • VC++ Support (Magnus Hagander)
  • Plan invalidation (Tom Lane)
  • Improvements to autovac (Alvaro Herrera)
  • SQL/XML support per SQL:2003 (Peter Eisentraut)
  • session controllable TRIGGER firinging (for replication) (Jan Wieck)
  • ENUM Data Types (Tom Dunstan)
  • Packed Varlena (Gregory Stark)
  • Index support for IS NULL (Teodor Sigaev)
  • MVCC safe CLUSTER (Heikki Linnakangas)
  • scrollable cursor support in pl/pgsql (Pavel Stehule)
  • multiple autovacuum workers (Alvaro Herrera)
  • contrib/pg_standby (Simon Riggs)
  • LIMIT/SORT performance improvements (Greg Stark)
  • hashing support for NUMERIC (Neil Conway)
  • Arrays of compound types (David Fetter, Andrew Dunstan)
  • Heap page diagnostic/test functions - contrib/pageinspect (Simon Riggs)
  • reporting of roles with dependent objects (Ed L., Alvaro Herrera)
  • infrastructure for loadable plugins to monitor or replace the planner (Gurjeet Singh, Tom Lane)
  • xpath_array() with namespaces support (Nikolay Samokhvalov)
  • circular buffer in tuplestore (Greg Stark)
  • Full page writes improvement (Koichi Suzuki)
  • scan resistent buffer cache (Simon Riggs)
  • Multibyte text matching performance improvements (ITAGAKI Takahiro,Andrew Dunstan)
  • Synchronized Scans (Jeff Davis)
  • reduction of implicit casts to text (Peter Eisentraut)
  • Updateable Cursors (John Bartlett, FAST PostgreSQL/Fujitsu)
  • Load distributed checkpointing (ITAGAKI Takahiro)
  • Improved checkpoint logging/statistics gathering (Greg Smith, Magnus Hagander)
  • GSSAPI Support (Henry B. Hotz, Magnus Hagander)
  • CREATE TABLE LIKE INCLUDING INDEXES support (Trevor Hardcastle,Neil Conway)
  • EUC_JIS_2004 and SHIFT_JIS_2004 encoding support (Tatsuo Ishii)
  • dedicated walwriter process (Simon Riggs, Tom Lane)
  • RETURNS QUERY (Pavel Stehule,Neil Conway)
  • Deferred Transactions/ASYNC COMMIT (Simon Riggs)
  • COPY-able CSV log output (Arul Shaji,Greg Smith,Andrew Dunstan)
  • Tsearch2 in core (Teodor Sigaev, Oleg Bartunov)
  • per-function GUC settings (Tom Lane)
  • lazy XID allocation (Florian Pflug)
  • Hot Updates (Pavan)
  • Automatic adjustment of bgwriter_lru_maxpages (ITAGAKI Takahiro, Greg Smith)


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