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Here is a place to record some ideas about how to improve PostgreSQL on Windows.

  • Can we make PostmasterIsAlive() cheap, using signals or event callbacks or similar to set postmaster_possibly_dead as we did in 9f09529952ac41a10e5874cba745c1c24e67ac79 for Linux and f98b8476cd4a19dfc602ab95642ce08e53877d65 for FreeBSD? This should speed up recovery, which tests it regularly.
  • Can we make temporary files avoid unnecessary IO by using O_SHORT_LIVED? Initial testing of a simple patch indicates no change in IO produced by temporary files, but maybe there is something here ...
  • Can we add LLVM-based JIT for Windows? Mainly requires looking into the build script changes required to build and link against LLVM, but maybe more problems will show up.