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The most authoritative way to find out what has changed in between PostgreSQL versions is to read the Release Notes.

A summary of major changes in features is at Feature Matrix.

For general guidelines about the most common issues encountered when upgrading from one PostgreSQL version to a newer one, see Postgres Upgrades - Ten Problems and Solutions and Upgrading old versions of Postgres

9.1 Changes

9.0 Changes

8.4 Changes

8.3 Changes

One of the biggest migration concerns the removal of implicit casts has broken many applications. While ultimately these programs should be rewritten to correct this incompatibility (samples), it's possible to add back in missing casts to ease migration to 8.3. See Re-adding implicit casts in PostgreSQL 8.3 for scripts

Here are a list of articles about new features in 8.3:

Some of the articles previously available were lost in a server crash; these are currently unavailable but might be restored by their authors eventually: