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Current open tasks

  • Reviewfest for June 15-July 15
  • Commit fest with Kevin Grittner starts July 15
  • Have a look at templates for new email archive system
  • Review conference list on "upcoming events" wiki page

Questions I am asked about Postgres

Q: Has PostgreSQL as a product has ever been “approved” for use on a govt system? Do you know if anyone has ever submitted this for a CoN (Certificate of Networthiness) or any other approval for use on govt systems? A: We don't know. If you have, please contact us and let us know (pgsql-general would be a good place to start)

Q:Does Postgres SQL have an Export Control Classification Number? A: (From Josh Berkus --> ) Sun Microsystems obtained an export control number for PostgreSQL 8.3 when it was included into Solaris 10 in 2007. I don't think that a control number granted for 8.3 for Solaris binaries necessarily applies to 8.4 on other platforms.

If you wish to apply for an export control number yourself, PostgreSQL does contain encryption. Beyond filing the paperwork, I don't recall any special issues with getting a control number for 8.3.

Do note that PostgreSQL is not, technically, a US product. So if you are not a US company yourself, you don't need to worry about export control.

commits for versions

  • 9.1 devel starts: 56a7e46f81e3dae46437f4e0c01bbe54bd73e668
  • 8.5 (really 9.0) devel starts: ff23752d2f4c20c3609babf2030906c64cdb3bc2
  • 8.4 devel starts (Feb 13 2008): ecfbe0d05f7e345cd643af73022515b57fe5b23d
  • 8.3 release (Feb 1 2008): 6696496f0b77638d3ff627748c375cc9380b2563
  • 8.3 devel starts (Dec 2 2006): 1591f2245ef8bd7965a81b5524f074a44dedad6f
  • 8.2 released (Dec 2 2006): e27032f41c7c66df3eb6b66ca4d14a4a45d7671c
  • 8.2 devel starts (Nov 5 2005): 642e8e63b7efb47cc4ddc834e84eae0d0fbb4c51

  • 9.0 release tag: 861861edcc04a6e3ebdfe363311f122e2b226196
  • 8.4.4 release tag: c302ed9e4e3d5d1c3407452a9a9b83ad6d1b1fb6