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Unofficial Todo Detail Wiki

This page is designed to allow people to keep detail about stuff that appears on the official TODO list, and/or stuff that would like to be. This page is this split into parts. When adding new items make sure you add them to the right part.

Developers are encouraged to include:

  1. A summary about what the item is
  2. References to the archive for email about the topic
  3. References to the archive for patches
  4. References to external entities relating to the item, for example SQL standards, competing implementations, etc.
  5. Updates on progress
  6. Links to related TODO items

Official TODO Detail

These are maintained by the project.

Unofficial TODO Detail

This stuff is on the TODO list, but the content is not vetted by the project.

Wishlist Detail

If you have some pie-in-the-sky ideas not on the official TODO list, you can put them here.