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TikiWiki CMS/Groupware is a full-featured, web-based, multilingual, tightly integrated, all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware, Free Source Software (GNU/LGPL), using PHP, ADOdb, Zend Framework, jQuery and Smarty. It is actively developed by a very large international community and is translated in over 35 languages. TikiWiki can be used to create all sorts of Web applications, sites, portals, knowledge base, intranets, and extranets.

A few stats to give an idea of the scope of the project

  • Over 1 million lines of code.
  • 220+ developers directly committing to the core, with countless other people helping with support, documentation, testing, etc.
  • 1000+ pages of documentation.
  • A new code commit every 2 hours (average of last 5 years)
  • 16 000+ registered users on tikiwiki.org
  • 700 000+ downloads
  • More info: http://info.tikiwiki.org/Fact+Sheet

http://support.mozilla.com/ (10 million page views per week) is powered by Tiki

Tiki uses a database abstraction layer so it can be used with many databases (PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQLite) in addition to MYSQL. However, support for anything but MySQL has become more & more problematic. It's not strictly a chicken & egg problem because Tiki once worked with non-MYSQL. However, without maintainers, it was lost over time.

So we have come to a difficult decision. On August 1st 2009, database independence will be dropped in Tiki unless a maintainer steps up. So Tiki will become officially MySQL-only.


We would love to support many databases, especially PostgreSQL because it's an open source & community-managed project like Tiki. There are many reasons why we would want database independence and it's no use listing them here because it's not that we don't want. It's that we don't have the resources to do so. Tiki is a huge application and we would need active devs that use/maintain Tikis on other databases.

However, since we have no maintainer, we have been for a long time now in a "Worst of both worlds" situation.

  • Extra code to maintain
  • Bugs that never get fixed
  • People that are disappointed (feeling it's "false-advertising")
  • Not taking full advantage of MySQL advanced features

This is very disappointing because our community wants to be as universal as possible.

More information here: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/Database+independence

With hopes some people in the PostgreSQL community can help.