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In order to help with the challenge of finding speakers for meetups please add your name to this page if you are willing to speak at a meetup. Currently (2020) the meetups will be virtual. At a minimum add your name, topic(s) and timezone. Feel free to add anything else you feel is relevant.

I'd invite anyone who wants to mentor new speakers to add their name as mentor as well.

  • Dave Cramer: Java and Postgresql, Logical Decoding, mentor
  • Jonathan Katz: SCRAM, PostgreSQL + Kubernetes, PostgreSQL 13, Range Types + Applications, Building an App with a bunch of Postgres features (Logical decoding, CTEs, functions, range types, etc.), Data Types
  • Stephen Frost: Security, PostgreSQL, other stuff
  • Keith Fiske: Partitioning, Extensions, Administration, PG History & Features, Monitoring
  • David Christensen: Replication, Bucardo, CTEs.
  • David Fetter: PostgreSQL as a control plane, Fun with Foreign Data Wrappers, Hacking for Beginners
  • Jennifer Scheuerell: Migrations, PostgreSQL and Django, mentor (Pacific time zone)
  • Harry Arroyo: PostgreSQL with Laravel, Django, Java, IT Security Expert, TI Mentor, Sysadmin, FullStack Developer, Hacker, App Developer (Android and iOS), DBA and other Stuff.
  • Jimmy Angelakos: PostgreSQL, performance, Full-Text Search, ETL with Python, Django (UK time zone)
  • Tomas Vondra: PostgreSQL, performance, various extensions, hacking, community stuff
  • Martín Marqués: PostgreSQL, replication, backups, autovacuum
  • Andrew Dunstan: (EST) PostgreSQL, vacuuming and freezing, Data Types, Foreign Data Wrappers, SSL, Pgbouncer
  • Nikhil Sontakke: PostgreSQL Architecture, Logical Decoding, BDR, PGLogical (India time zone)
  • Hari Kiran: PostgreSQL, Replication, Partitioning, Oracle Migration, Monitoring, DBA (India time zone)
  • Gianni Ciolli: Several topics, including: Physical/Logical Replication, Backup&restore, Query optimization, Database administration
  • Tom Kincaid: High Availability, Deploying at Scale, MVCC, Partitioning, Performance Tuning
  • Muhammad Haroon: PostgreSQL, High Availability, Logical Replication, Vacuum/AutoVacuum, Database Administration, Extensions, Disaster Recovery
  • Álvaro Herrera: Postgres tuning, MVCC/vacuuming, Partitioning, Postgres hacking, community. TimeZone=America/Santiago
  • Christophe Pettus: Configuration and Tuning, Query Optimization, DBA Tasks and Mentoring, Disaster Recovery and Reliability Planning.
  • Dave Page: pgAdmin, PostgreSQL project organisation/infrastructure
  • Boriss Mejías: JSON, ENUM, replication
  • Pavan Deolasee: PostgreSQL Internals, Transaction Management, Performance, BDR (India time zone)
  • Euler Taveira: Logical Replication, Extensions, Tuning, Community (TZ=America/Sao_Paulo)
  • William Ivanski: PostgreSQL, High Availability, BDR, Database Administration, Oracle Migration, Python.