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Skytools 3 TODO

Currently this page is used for documentation coordination, later for other stuff too.


Generic stuff

Skytools package overview

pgq overview

  • db side queue
  • producer, consumer, ticker
  • batches

londiste overview

  • pgq consumer
  • trigger-based
  • handlers?
  • lazy copy?

User howtos: Londiste

How to set up simple replication

  • Set up provider and subscriber
  • Adding/removing tables
  • mention that tables are copied one-by-one, but fkeys will still work

How to set up cascaded replicaiton

  • setting up cascaded replication
  • change-provider
  • takeover
  • status

How to set up table partitioning (handlers)

  • Usage of existing handlers

How to merge partitioned database

  • Set up partitions
  • Set up merged database
  • Set up replication

Other User HOWTOs

walmgr: setup failover

walmgr: backup

qadmin: queue & replication management

Script manpages


  • sub-command reference docs



Developer Howto

How to write PgQ consumer

How to write PgQ cascaded consumer

How to write PgQ cooperative consumer

How to write Londiste handler

SQL API docs

Most functions have docstrings, although some of them may be quite light.

Needed is intro for each module, why is it for, and overview of technical design.


pgq_coop SQL API

pgq_node SQL API

pgq_ext SQL API

londiste SQL API

Python API docs