Sequential disk access during VACUUM for GiST

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name - Constantine Kuznetsov

via email -


I work on this idea later.

But then there were problems with "jump back" to rescan parent page.

Now i propose implementation with 2 steps:

1. physical order scan. Creation(child,parent) of hash that needed to fast search parent page.

2. scan of page that be needed rescan after 1 step.

Expected project schedule

1. Implement new gistbulkdelete function. 2 weeks.

2. Test this implementation and writing regression test. 2 weeks.

3. Getting the first result and discussion with mentor. 1 week.

4. Add all memory limitation(maintenance_work_mem) to implementation. 1 week.

5. If there are problems then solve their. 2 weeks.

6. Cleaning of code, writing of coments and preparing to patch. 1 week.