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Where to find SFPUG

Our meetings are usually posted on Meetup. You can also join our mailing list. We meet in San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland. We have a sister organization which meets in Silicon Valley.

If there is an SFPUG meeting going on right now, you can check out the streaming broadcast.

SFPUG Videos

Here are videos of some of our meeting presentations. Video recording and editing is generously contributed by Chanticleer Films.

PG9 Beta Test Day

The SFPUG is in the initial planning stages of organizing a PG9 beta-test day to hammer on the new features. Attendees will not only help get 9 out-the-door but will have the added benefit of getting experience with the new features. We need computers, support-gear and you. A planning page for this event is set up at SFPUG Beta Test Day