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Preparation Checklist for Minor Releases

4-5 Days Before Announce

  • Contact translators to make sure that all translation strings are in (Peter Eisentraut)
  • Contact -packagers and warn them of release

3-4 Days Before Announce

  • Upload source code, and notify -packagers
  • Have -packagers test source code
  • Contact Regional Contacts and warn them of upcoming release
  • Decide who's handling what for the release
  • Have WWW team prepare updates to the home page

24 Hours Before Announce

  • Submit News item and have member of the WWW team check it
  • Upload binaries (make sure that Windows packagers are ready!)

8 Hours Before Announce

  • Build new docs and commit them

4 Hours Before Announce

  • Commit News item
  • Commit changes to home page
  • Update "What's New" link target on /docs and commit

The Announce E-mail

  • Must go out under an e-mail address with no personal footer
  • Should be checked by:
    • The web team (links)
    • The core team & packagers (contents)
  • Check that new pages, downloads have propagated before sending out announce
  • Check links again!
  • If you don't have automatic -announce approval, make sure an -announce moderator is on duty

Day After Announce

  • Update Sourceforge
  • Update Freshmeat
  • Update #postgresql topic
  • Update version in Wikipedia

Other Comments and Reminders

1. Releases are performed only by community members with People known to announce releases are, and .

2. If the release email has a signature, make sure it is referencing PostgreSQL and not the contributors private interests.

3. Work with a web contributor or ready a patch for front page and developers/.

4. Make sure docs are generated.


If you can't get to that site, work with someone who can. (Magnus Hagander, Stefan Kaltenbrunner, Dave Page, Robert Treat)

5. Ready email from <contributor> to -general, -advocacy and -announce.

 * Check just in case it is an initdb forcing release.

6. Double check that 1,2,5 only contain references to

7. Confirm packages and symlinks are on ftp sites and mirrors have begun to propagate.

8. Get confirmation from -packagers that the web patch looks good. You will need to work with your web contributor or set up a development sandbox for this.

9. Work with operator on #postgresql to change topic. Commonly logged in operators are linuxpoet (Joshua Drake) and davidfetter (David Fetter)

10. Once 1-9 are done

 * Get web patch committed. Insure it looks correct on wwwmaster
 * Wait for patch to propagate, this takes at least one hour(site gets build every hour at exactly :00) or can be forced through the admin interface on wwwmaster.
   * Send announcement to -general, -advocacy and -announce
   * If you are not an -announce moderator prepare a moderator in advance. Known moderators are (Joshua Drake) and (Robert Treat)

11. Update SourceForge entry (

12. Update Freshmeat (