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PyPgDay 2013

See The PyPgDay page at for full information about this event.

PyPgDay was held on March 13, 2013. It was presented by Disqus, and sponsored by Salesforce, Heroku, VMware, 2ndQuadrant, Apsalar, File-Away.UK, Pandora, PostgreSQL Experts, Translattice, and Urban Mapping. It was additionally supported by Adobe, CommandPrompt and Jeff Davis.

List of Talks

Below are the talks which were given at the PyPgDay. Where slides are available, they have been linked. Licensing information, if any, is as noted in the slides. If no licensing is given, assume All Rights Reserved.

Full information about the schedule is on the schedule page

There was no video recording for this event due to convention center rules.

Lightning Talks Included: