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PyCon 2013 Volunteer Booth Schedule

This is a draft schedule for booth volunteers at PyCon 2013, for the PostgreSQL booth in the exhibit hall.

Thursday 4pm to 8pm: Josh Berkus, Quinn Weaver, Christophe Pettus

Friday 10am to 2pm: Josh Berkus, Jeff Frost

Friday 1:30pm to 5pm: Jignesh Shah*, Christophe Pettus

Saturday 10am to 2pm: Josh Berkus, Quinn Weaver

Saturday 1:30pm to 5pm: Josh Berkus, Steve Atkins*

The Thursday shift includes booth setup and the Vendor Reception. The Saturday afternoon shift includes booth pack-up.

Please mark yourself with a * if you need to be registered for PyCon as a booth volunteer, because you don't have PyCon registration otherwise.