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Project Overview

PostgresForest is designed for the use of Business Intelligence apps and (read intensive) Web apps.

  • PostgreSQL JDBC driver derivative: PostgresForest is a modified JDBC driver to enable clustering features.
  • High Availability: PostgresForest enables to implement an high-available database system with its replication facilities.
  • Parallel Query Processing: PostgresForest can understand and execute parallel queries in a shared-nothing distributed database.
  • On-Line Recoverying: PostgresForest can recover a node from its failure condition without the service downtime.

Project Status

Project Contacts

General Information

  • Scalability: Up to tens of servers.
  • Read Scaling: Yes
  • Write Scaling: Yes (on partitioning)
  • Synchronous replication: Yes (statement-based replication)
  • Triggers/procedures:
  • Parallel Query: Yes
  • Failover/HA: Yes
  • Online Provisioning:
  • PostgreSQL Upgrades:
  • Detached Node/WAN:
  • PostgreSQL Core Modifications Required: Yes (lock timeout patch required to avoid the global deadlock)
  • Programming Languages: Java (A JDBC derivative)

Clustering Model

PostgresForest is a query based replication system.

Use Case


Future plans

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