PostgreSQL Conference 2009 Japan

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PostgreSQL Conference 2009 Japan

The annual PostgreSQL Conference will be held in Japan this year, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Japanese PostgreSQL Users Group.

Please consult the main conference page on their website:

See also: PGCon2009JapanClusterDeveloperMeeting


November 20th - 21st, 2009, schedules for both days are available in English on the conference page cited above.


AP Hamamatsucho is a convention hall, they offer a map with some additional helpful information. This seems to be the place on Google.


Citing Koichi-San: "Narita airport is very far from central area of Tokyo. My experience is: by bus, it takes about more than an hour from the airport to the bus terminal, next to a subway station, and will take another half hour to the venue."

An english web schedule is available from Hyperdia or Train Route Finder. Searching for "Narita Airport" to "Hamamatsucho" gives a 1.5 hour journey with 1 transfer.

The Narita Express train is probably the easiest way to get to Tokyo from the airport.

The one indispensible thing to get before you leave for Tokyo is a map and subway map in your native language. While individual signs in the subways and other locations are often transliterated, often the subway maps in the stations are not, and non-Japanese subway maps can be hard to purchase in Tokyo.


Recommendations from AP Hamamatsuchō, here with Links to the hotel's English site, prices for the least expensive single room offered:

Currently, Dave, Magnus and Stefan are at the Park Hotel Tokyo. Josh, Jeff, DF and Markus are at the Shiba Park. Depending, we may consolidate to one hotel; check here for updated details or e-mail people.


Same time, last year: weather history. In short: expect about 10-14 °C, always a bit windy but not much rain.