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Open Issues

Resolved Issues

resolved after 9.6rc1

resolved after 9.6beta4

resolved after 9.6beta3

resolved after 9.6beta2

  • primary_conninfo missing from pg_stat_wal_receiver
    • original commit: b1a9bad (principal author: Michael Paquier; owner: Alvaro Herrera notified)
    • There have been concerns about making potentially password values visible at SQL level, patch v3 adds a routine to libpqwalreceiver to return back to caller an obfuscated connection string that gets saved in shared memory. Then pg_stat_wal_receiver makes use of it.
    • CLOSE_WAIT for now due to not-quite-finished discussion about security implications

resolved after 9.6beta1

  • bloom extension does not dump and restore properly
    • original commit: 5d58999 (principal author: Stephen Frost; owner: Stephen Frost notified)
    • (Michael): Not limited to bloom but to all access methods. Some code lookup is pointing out that checkExtensionMembership() in selectDumpableAccessMethod does not consider the fact that access methods do not have ACLs.
    • (Stephen): Fixed in 562f06f, which corrected dumpAccessMethod() to check which bits are set in the dump bitfield and to only dump out the components requested.

resolved before 9.6beta1

  • Logical decoding timeline following (commits were reverted, feature no longer in tree)
  • commit 6150a1b0 hurts performance
    • original commit: 6150a1b08a9fe7ead2b25240be46dddeae9d98e1 (principal author: Andres Freund; committer: Robert Haas notified)
    • testing after the atomic pin/unpin patch and other recent work seems to show that we've recovered the performance

Older Bugs


  • parallel query vs extensions
    • Need to update extensions with parallel-safety markings
    • This an opportunity for further optimization, not a defect.
  • add max_parallel_workers GUC
    • this would be a system-wide limit, to keep parallel workers from consuming more of max_worker_processes than desired
    • there's support for slipping this into 9.6, but rhaas may not have time, and it's not a stop-ship issue