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Open Issues

Transition Tables

unless otherwise marked, original commit: 5970271 (principal author: Kevin Grittner; owner: Kevin Grittner)

Logical Replication

unless otherwise marked, original commit: 665d1fa (principal author: Petr Jelinek; owner: Peter Eisentraut)


  • Fix WAL receiver spinlock use.
    • original commit: 25fff40 (principal author: Dave Page; owner: Simon Riggs notified)
    • ready_to_display should be protected by the WAL receiver's spinlock.
    • pg_stat_get_wal_receiver should look at the WAL receiver PID after taking a spin lock, and can leak password information to a user member of DEFAULT_ROLE_READ_ALL_STATS, which is a new default group in Postgres 10.
    • patch exists

Decisions to Recheck Mid-Beta

  • Add migration instructions encouraging migration from MD5 to SCRAM once we know the state of drivers; see post

Older Bugs


Resolved Issues

resolved before 10beta1

  • SASLprep
    • Fixed by commit 60f11b87a2349985230c08616fa8a34ffde934c8
  • pg_dump and SUBSCRIPTIONS
    • fixed by commits c31671f9b5f6eee9b6726baad2db1795c94839d1, a9254e675bde7dc2d976d207450c559d914c0dd6
  • synchronous_standby_names shows unused priority values
    • original commit: 3901fd7 (principal author: Masahiko Sawada; owner: Fujii Masao notified)
    • The priority value is assigned to each standby listed in s_s_names even in quorum commit though those priority values are not used at all. Users can see those priority values in pg_stat_replication. Isn't this confusing? If yes, it might be better to always assign 1 as the priority, for example.
    • Not a bug. Consensus against current design; no consensus on which replacement to adopt. Need to resolve that debate.
    • Fixed by commit 346199dcab4cfb2c023373fb3d859583b59810d7
  • Rename wal location functions to "lsn"
    • Backward compatibility is already broken for most of these functions during the xlog to wal rename, and it'll likely be too late to change this once beta1 is out.
    • patch exists
    • fixed by commit d10c626de47d8b048b663471c7785603a2ec8641
  • snapshot builder has bugs
    • fixed by commits 2bef06d51646058c6bb480fcdbffb1f0cc914fed, 56e19d938dd1457ae078304df1b9903509a0a2bf, 955a684e0401954a58e956535107bc4b7136d952 and 524dbc14335cde0b18745f05a9112436d212f061

resolved before 10beta2

  • logical replication and PANIC during shutdown checkpoint in publisher
    • fixed in 2017-06-05 Freund commits
    • Also affects v9.4-v9.6 but v10 can trigger it from more places
    • major part fixed by commit 086221cf6b1727c2baed4703c582f657b7c5350e, but that commit had weaknesses
      • namely, HOT pruning during logical decoding might generate WAL
    • alternative patches exist
  • Query fails when SRFs are part of FROM clause
    • original commit: 69f4b9c (principal author: Tom Lane; owner: Andres Freund notified)
    • owner proposes classifying this as a non-bug
    • Really this is a variant of the SRF-inside-CASE issue, and was resolved by decision to treat that as an error
    • hence, fixed by commit 0436f6bde8848b7135f19dd7f8548b8c2ae89a34

Important Dates

Current schedule:

  • feature freeze: April 7th
  • beta1: wrap May 15th, announce May 18th
  • beta2: wrap July 10th, announce July 13th
  • beta3: possibly wrap August 7th, announce August 10th


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