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Decisions to Recheck Mid-Beta

Older Bugs


  • Add migration instructions encouraging migration from MD5 to SCRAM once we know the state of drivers; see post
  • Problem with the stability of ICU locale identifier strings (pg_collation.collcollate) that are passed to ICU's ucol_open().
    • ICU version downgrades are broken. Users will have problems with initdb ICU collations here (not just when CREATE COLLATION was used).
    • We should consider fixing the issue by converting to and from pg_collation's BCP 47 format to the more widely supported legacy language tag format as needed (a patch to do this is available), and standardizing on ICU collations' pg_collation.collcollate being in BCP 47 format on all ICU version (not just ICU >= 54).
    • Removing support for ICU versions 4.2 and 4.4 (versions for which support was only added in eccead9, back in August) will simplify resolving this open item. (Technically, we wouldn't even need to change how collcolate canonicalization is performed if we took this approach.)
    • original commit: eccfef8 (principal author: Peter Eisentraut; owner: Peter Eisentraut notified)
    • (item is disputed/too late)

Resolved Issues

resolved before 10beta1

  • SASLprep
    • Fixed by commit 60f11b87a2349985230c08616fa8a34ffde934c8
  • pg_dump and SUBSCRIPTIONS
    • fixed by commits c31671f9b5f6eee9b6726baad2db1795c94839d1, a9254e675bde7dc2d976d207450c559d914c0dd6
  • synchronous_standby_names shows unused priority values
    • original commit: 3901fd7 (principal author: Masahiko Sawada; owner: Fujii Masao notified)
    • The priority value is assigned to each standby listed in s_s_names even in quorum commit though those priority values are not used at all. Users can see those priority values in pg_stat_replication. Isn't this confusing? If yes, it might be better to always assign 1 as the priority, for example.
    • Not a bug. Consensus against current design; no consensus on which replacement to adopt. Need to resolve that debate.
    • Fixed by commit 346199dcab4cfb2c023373fb3d859583b59810d7
  • Rename wal location functions to "lsn"
    • Backward compatibility is already broken for most of these functions during the xlog to wal rename, and it'll likely be too late to change this once beta1 is out.
    • patch exists
    • fixed by commit d10c626de47d8b048b663471c7785603a2ec8641
  • snapshot builder has bugs
    • fixed by commits 2bef06d51646058c6bb480fcdbffb1f0cc914fed, 56e19d938dd1457ae078304df1b9903509a0a2bf, 955a684e0401954a58e956535107bc4b7136d952 and 524dbc14335cde0b18745f05a9112436d212f061

resolved before 10beta2

  • logical replication and PANIC during shutdown checkpoint in publisher
    • fixed in 2017-06-05 Freund commits
    • Also affects v9.4-v9.6 but v10 can trigger it from more places
    • major part fixed by commit 086221cf6b1727c2baed4703c582f657b7c5350e, but that commit had weaknesses
      • namely, HOT pruning during logical decoding might generate WAL
    • alternative patches exist
  • Query fails when SRFs are part of FROM clause
    • original commit: 69f4b9c (principal author: Tom Lane; owner: Andres Freund notified)
    • owner proposes classifying this as a non-bug
    • Really this is a variant of the SRF-inside-CASE issue, and was resolved by decision to treat that as an error
    • hence, fixed by commit 0436f6bde8848b7135f19dd7f8548b8c2ae89a34

resolved before 10beta3

resolved before 10beta4

resolved before 10rc1

  • GatherMerge is not hooked up to ExecReScan
    • original commit: 355d399 (principal author: Rushabh Lathia; owner: Robert Haas notified)
    • Fixed by commits 1295a777882b8ed180a854e249f91be565a99422 and a2b70c89ca1a5fcf6181d3c777d82e7b83d2de1b
    • Fixed some more by commits 7df2c1f8daeb361133ac8bdeaf59ceb0484e315a, 41b0dd987d44089dc48e9c70024277e253b396b7
  • Trigger transition tables vs RI cascades
    • crash fixed by commit 5c11717185bc24a2d0a20b38815e182ed99101ce
    • but there's still a SQL spec compliance issue
    • fixed by commits 54d4d0ff6cd40638d026c01e46deb102e7951ba6 and 5cc23493195cbd2205d5e476e725657c0a29ea34

resolved before 10.0

  • "inconsistent page found" with checksum and wal_consistency_checking enabled; see post
    • fixed by commit 1a44df007c9b9adc5e6082fc90fe68e615d38ecd

Important Dates

Current schedule:

  • feature freeze: April 7th
  • beta1: wrap May 15th, announce May 18th
  • beta2: wrap July 10th, announce July 13th
  • beta3: wrap August 7th, announce August 10th
  • beta4: wrap August 28, announce August 31
  • rc1: wrap September 18, announce September 21
  • 10.0: wrap October 2, announce October 5