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Room Sharing Requests: PGConf.EU 2014

Please place your room sharing requests below. Suggested syntax is:

  • Name: Arrival - Departure, Room Booked?
    • Obfuscated Email
    • Notes


  • Josh Berkus: Oct 23 - 28, booked room
    • josh - at -
    • Speaker, non-smoking

(note, I am not actually looking for a room, this is an example!)

Hotel Miguel Angel

Other Venues

  • Gunnar "Nick" Bluth and Borut Hadzialic: Oct 20 - 25, booked apartment
    • nick - at -
    • Attendee

We have space for (up to) 4 persons in an apartment near the city centre, 2km from the Hotel Miguel Ángel (16 min. in public transport, 25 min. footwalk).