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pgCon 2014 Unconference Day

The PostgreSQL Community is having our second Unconference Day at pgCon 2014 in Ottawa! This event, sponsored by, extends pgCon and gives us additional opportunities to share, collaborate, and discuss about PostgreSQL development, hacking, usage, and community.

For more about unconference days and why we're doing this, see the Unconference Day FAQ.

If you are interested in holding a session, or you want someone else to do a session on a particular topic on the Unconference day, please add your proposal to "session ideas" below.

Basic Information

pgCon Unconference Day

Saturday, May 24th

10am to 5:30pm

Rooms: TBD

Lunch with Pizza Provided

Sponsored by

Unconference Schedule

Important: if you are planning to propose as session, you need to be at the unconference at 10am sharp!

Time Room1 (202) Room2 (221) Room3 (265) Area4
10am Session Pitches and Scheduling - Coffee and snacks
11:45AM pluggable storage engines, FDW, columnar storage Open Hacking
12:00 Noon In core logical replication More granular superuser permissions model PG.conf Open Hacking
2:30PM VODKA && JSQuery SysAdmin Best practices Business intelligence Open Hacking
3:30PM overview of source code extension system wishlist wait interface/performance events Open Hacking
4:30PM Spillover Session 1 Building appliances with PstgreSQL (Clusters, HA etc) Bitmap only scan Open Hacking

Session Ideas

Please post your ideas for Unconference Sessions below. This could include either sessions you want to lead, or sessions you wish someone else would lead. Sessions which are proposed in advance and receive upvotes here on the wiki will be given priority when it comes time to pitch them.

Please use this template:

   === My Session Idea Name Here ===
   Proposed By: 
   Session Leader: 
   People who want to attend this session please put your names below: