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We don't have detailed guidelines laid out, but there have been a few email posts from those of us who have run PgDays.

The Italian group has most of their info linked from:

UK PUG ran a one-day conference recently:

PDXPUG wasn't as good about posting their notes :(

I think the basic outline is:

  1. Pick a day and location
    • Universities are good places: talk to student groups or professors who you know and can sponsor you (free space!)
    • try other government locations like Libraries and public meeting spaces (sometimes free!)
    • talk to a local company that can help you (and maybe they can sponsor too)
  2. Ask 1-2 other people to help you organize and set up a mailing list to keep track of what you're doing
    • These don't have to be technical people! Anyone wiling to help and you know will be reliable :)
    • Getting non-technical volunteers to help can really be good because they will see things from different perspectives, and can get the added benefit of meeting a bunch of geeks that can help them with business and technical problems :)
    • Mailing list helps you keep track of things
    • Also create a mailing list for attendees to subscribe to so that you can give them information about last minute changes
  3. Recruit speakers -- send out a message to pgsql-general, pgsql-advocacy and your local mailing list asking for speakers
  4. Set up a web page
    • You're welcome to use and set up unique pages -- talk to me if you need help
    • You can also set up your own website!
  5. Ask local companies if they will sponsor your conference
    • Sponsored items can include: breakfast (coffee, pastries, tea), lunch (this is expensive though - we usually do not provide this), posters, tshirts
    • Remember that you don't really NEED sponsors though, you can just ask people to have breakfast before they arrive, and everyone can go out to lunch together.
    • I also have potlucks sometimes - where everyone brings food and drink to share
  6. Choose your speakers, and announce your PgDay to mailing lists!
  7. Plan out your day
    • Round up supplies - projector, computer, dry erase markers, paper, business cards, nametags, markers for nametags
    • Make sure you have nametags (can just be "Hello my name is..." stickers)
    • Be sure to bring markers even if you print out nametags ahead of time
    • If you're not providing breakfast or lunch, make lists of places that people can go and have that printed out
    • Arrange for a place at your conference site to greet people and give them nametags when they arrive
    • Make a list of speakers and have a printed version for all attendees
  8. Ask for 1-2 volunteers to help keep the conference running smoothly
  9. Remind everyone 2 weeks, 1 week, and the day of your conference that it is happening!
  10. Have a great time :)