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PGCon is the annual 'big' PostgreSQL conference attended by users and developers from around the world. As well as two days of talks, there are tutorials and a developer meeting. See the bottom of this page for video links.

Tutorials / Talks

Time Title Presenter Speaker Notes Attendant Notes Video
2009.05.19 Morning PostgreSQL Access Controls Stephen Frost click
2009.05.19 Afternoon Performance Whack-a-Mole II Josh Berkus click
2009.05.20 All Day Developer Meeting Core Team
2009.05.20 Morning SkyTools: Queues (PgQ) Marko Kreen, Martin Pihlak click
2009.05.20 Afternoon Writing a Procedural Language Joshua Tolley click
2009.05.21 Morning Introduction & keynote Dan Langille, Selena Deckelman, Magnus Hagander, Dave Page click
2009.05.21 Morning No More Waiting, A Guide To PostgreSQL 8.4 Rob Treat click click
2009.05.21 Morning Some recent advances in full-text search Teodor Sigaev, Oleg Bartunov click
2009.05.21 Morning Building PetaByte Warehouses with Unmodified PostgreSQL Emmanuel Cecchet
2009.05.21 Noon Saving the Amazon with PostGIS Luis Fernando Bueno click click
2009.05.21 Noon Visualizing Postgres Michael Glaesemann click
2009.05.21 Noon Encrypted PostgreSQL Magnus Hagander
2009.05.21 Afternoon Database Hardware Benchmarking Greg Smith click click
2009.05.21 Afternoon Post Facto, version control for PostgreSQL Robert Brewer
2009.05.21 Afternoon Introduction to Recursive Queries Gregory Stark
2009.05.21 Afternoon pg_similarity, Functions and Operators for Executing Similarity Queries Euler Taveira de Oliveira click
2009.05.22 Morning Reconciling and comparing databases Norman Yamada click click
2009.05.22 Morning How to Get Your PostgreSQL Patch Accepted Tom Lane & Bruce Momjian click click
2009.05.22 Noon VACUUM Strategy Selena Deckelmann click
2009.05.22 Noon Predicting Postgres Performance Jonah H. Harris click
2009.05.22 Noon Converting 100 databases to PostgreSQL Kevin Grittner click click

PgCon 2009 Lightning talks

Videos for pgCon 2009

Some streaming videos are also available through the Free and Open Source Learning Center.

Videos for download are as follows: