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There exists a mailing list for individuals who work on downstream packages (RPM, Deb, Windows, etc.) of PostgreSQL.

The packagers mailing list gets advance notice of upcoming releases, and they get access to the release tarballs a few days before general availability, so that packages can be prepared and made available at the same time as the source tarballs. This is especially important for security releases, but it also provides a nice service to users in general.

The pgsql-packagers mailing list is closed-subscription because of the reasons described. A request to join the list can be made to the core team. The follow criteria are unofficial guidelines for deciding whether such a request is appropriate:

  • You must actually be working on packages. The packagers list is not a method for learning about releases or security issues or for monitoring packaging work.
  • Multiple people working on one package is OK. But we prefer to keep the number of subscribed individuals to a manageable size. If a package maintainer changes, the old packager should be dropped from the list.
  • The packages will be made available under open-source licensing terms. Individuals who create packages for internal use or paying clients only will have to wait for the general release.
  • You must agree to abide by the core team's release, disclosure, and embargo schedules and policies.
  • The packaging effort must be regular and sustainable. That is, you will generally be expected to produce up to date packages for every release according to the release schedule given by the core team. There may be exceptions, such as when the downstream operating system is preparing a release. But if you go missing or skip many releases or don't respond adequately when a security release is being prepared, your membership on the pgsql-packagers list may be dropped.