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OSCON 2007 (Plus Ubuntu Live!)

PostgreSQL Day July 22

We will have a full day of sessions run by PDXPUG. See the PDXPUG Day page for sessions, schedule and other information.

This day will end in a party hosted by Command Prompt.

Talks & Tutorials

The following Talks & Tutorials in the main OSCON program will be about PostgreSQL, tools which can be used with PostgreSQL, or by PostgreSQL community members:

  • Pro PostgreSQL - Robert Treat
  • Open Source Geospatial Boot Camp - Schuyler Erle
  • SQLAlchemy - Taming ORM with Python Jonathan Ellis
  • Data-mining from Open APIs - Toby Segaran
  • Open Solutions Alliance Hack-a-thon
  • Performance Whack-a-Mole - Josh Berkus
  • Advanced Production Troubleshooting - Theo Schlossnagle
  • Next Generation Data Warehousing: Using Open APIs for Embedding Massively Parallel BI Analytics into the Data Warehouse - Luke Lonergan
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Database: MySQL to PostgreSQL - Kevin Falcone
  • Apache OFBiz, a Real-world Open Source ERP: Using the Power of Business to Your Benefit - Bruno Souza
  • State of Lightning Talks - Josh Berkus
  • PostgreSQL Gems: Running Perl and Ruby Inside the Database - David Fetter
  • PDO: PHP Data Objects - Wez Furlong
  • OSGeo: All About Maps - Aaron Racicot
  • Nobody Ever Regretted Making a Backup - Dan Langille
  • Introduction to PL/PHP - Robert Treat
  • Rich Internet Application Development for Dummies: Rob Napier

BOF: PostgreSQL Community Update, Room D135, Thursday, 7:30-8:30.

I'm sure I've missed a few, so please add to the list!


Booth is open Wednesday and Thursday of the conference. The following people have committed to being there. If you can help email jd<at>commandprompt.com


9am Michael Brewer

10-11:30am David Fetter

11:30-1pm Erik Jones

1-2:30pm Rob Lemley, Gabrielle

2:30-4pm Chris Travers

4-5:30pm Josh Berkus

5:30-7pm Michael Brewer, Josh Berkus, Yi Ma, Jeff Davis



11:30-1pm Erik Jones

1-2:30pm Chris Travers

2:30-4pm Josh Berkus, Noel Proffitt

Commercial Participation

Command Prompt: Running community booth and helping run PGDay. Joshua, and Alvaro present.

Greenplum: Conference sponsor. Booth, Session

Sun: Conference sponsor. Booth, several sessions. Party.

EnterpriseDB: possibly present for OSA hack-a-thon. Booth?

Once Technologies: booth