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PostgreSQL Sponsorship

Support for the PostgreSQL project has been made possible over the years by the support of many organizations through time, money, and resources that their constituents have donated.

Sponsorships are discussed and updated based on a semi-annually, majority vote by the sponsorship committee based on the time a sponsorship is to be considered. Each proposed sponsorship is reevaluated once a year from the time it was previously considered.

Sponsorship Committee

  • Joshua D. Drake
  • Jonathan S. Katz
  • Dave Page
  • Robert Treat
  • Tatsuo Ishii

Becoming a Sponsor

There are various ways to contribute to the PostgreSQL community, and the criteria below enables the PostgreSQL sponsorship committee to determine the sponsorship level of an organization. When evaluating a sponsor's level of contribution, both the magnitude of the contributions and the length of time the sponsor has been contributing are taken into account.

The below criteria for sponsorship is effective as of November 15, 2013

Among the contributions to the PostgreSQL Project considered are:

  • Contributions to the PostgreSQL core project through regular patch submissions, reviews, commits, or publications.
  • Contributions to PostgreSQL-derived open source projects that provide direct contributions to the community at large. Examples include PostGIS and Postgres-XC.
  • Publishing open-source work with proven adoption that directly interfaces with the PostgreSQL project. These projects must be considered “inalienable dependents” of the PostgreSQL project. Examples include:
    • Drivers
    • Graphical managers
    • Extensions
    • foreign data wrappers
  • Hosting and maintaining PostgreSQL server architecture including:
    • websites
    • email
    • FTP mirrors
    • source code
    • test servers
    • buildfarm members
  • Supporting PostgreSQL contributors through employment, grants, or providing resources to contribute to any of the above bullet points.
  • Enabling members to work on PostgreSQL advocacy efforts, which includes:
    • Organizing a PostgreSQL regional community conference
    • Significant marketing outreach for community PostgreSQL releases and adoption
    • Providing repeated, substantial financial or labor contributions to PostgreSQL community conferences.
    • Providing repeated, substantial financial and labor contributions to support PostgreSQL user groups.
  • Making direct financial contributions to these recognized PostgreSQL Community nonprofit organizations:
    • Software in the Public Interest, PostgreSQL fund
    • United States PostgreSQL Organization and and its member user groups
    • PostgreSQL Europe
    • PostgreSQLFr
    • PostgreSQL Brasil
    • JPUG
    • PostgreSQL Community Association of Canada
    • ITPUG

Sponsorship is awarded at the discretion of the Sponsorship Committee and the above list of criteria does not limit what constitutes as a sponsorship. Sponsors on the sponsorship page are listed there as a benefit to the entire PostgreSQL community. If, for some reason, listing a sponsor does not benefit the general community, they may not be listed even if they meet other sponsorship criteria.

Event Sponsorships

Most financial conference sponsorships include publicity and other benefits for the sponsoring company. For this reason, such sponsorships generally do not factor in to an organization's sponsorship level, even if the sponsorships in question were for community-based nonprofit events. Further, for-profit events, and events which are not central to the PostgreSQL community, are not generally considered community sponsorships.

Exceptions to this, which can factor into sponsor level, include:

  • sponsoring community events for which there was no event publicity (e.g. the Developer's Meeting, a ReviewFest, etc.)
  • supplying substantial staff time to help organize a community event.
  • supporting significant free staffing and resourcing of the PostgreSQL community presence at a third-party event (e.g. staffing the PostgreSQL booth at OSCON)

Additionally, if an organization has a long and sustained history of sponsoring multiple PostgreSQL community events (e.g. 3 events a year for the last 4 years), this may be a minority factor in deciding their sponsor level.

Sponsorship Levels

This criteria is used for determining the following levels of community sponsorship:

To be considered a Sponsor, an organization must have contributed significantly and visibly to PostgreSQL in at least one of the above categories for at least a year. To be awarded a Sponsor label based on a financial contribution alone, the aggregate value of the donations in the past two years should be equivalent to at least $2,000USD.


  • a company which hosts a PostgreSQL webserver and a buildfarm member.
  • a company which employs one contributor, who spends a minority of their work time on PostgreSQL.
  • a company which donates $1000 every year to PostgreSQL Brasil's general fund.

Major Sponsor

To be considered a Major Sponsor, must have been a Sponsor for more than one year, and have contributed visibly and substantially in at least two different categories above in the past 12 months, or has contributed very substantially in one category for four years or more. To be awarded a Major Sponsor label based on a financial contribution alone, the aggregate value of the donations in the past year should be at least $25,000USD.


  • a company which employs two contributors who spend a majority of their work time on PostgreSQL
  • a company which employs one heavy contributor, and organizes an annual community conference.
  • a company which has supplied substantial sysadmin staffing and hosting resources for the PostgreSQL project (several servers), and has done so for several years.