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Grand Unified Consideration List

  • Venue
    • Contact info for venue
    • Backup contact info for venue
    • Security at venue: RSVP list
  • Signage to guide speakers, attendees, etc.
  • Food
    • Venue sponsorship
    • Delivery logistics
  • Audio/Video
    • Does the venue have a projector?
      • Does the venue need to arrange it in advance?
  • Network
    • Wifi
    • Wired
    • Does the venue have network that the PUG can use?
    • Does that need to be arranged in advance?
  • Drink
    • Does the venue allow alcohol?
    • Make sure there's non-alcohol beverages
  • Seating
    • How many can the venue hold?
  • Transportation
    • Parking
    • Public transit options
    • Walk/bike/unicycle

When Scheduling the Meeting

  • Start at least 2 weeks before the meeting
  • Get a speaker
    • Get speaker to write a topic and blurb
    • Edit same
  • Get a venue
    • Find out security/access arrangements for venue
    • Record contact information for venue
  • Food
    • Get a food sponsor, if possible
    • Choose a food vendor
    • Figure out drinks
  • Broadcast meeting details
    • PUG mailing list
    • FOSS and/or database lists nearby
    • PostgreSQL Weekly News <>
  • A/V
    • Does the venue have a projector?
      • If not, arrange to have one brought.
    • Check with videographer -- available? (Chris)
      • If not, check if someone else has video & audio recording.
    • Check with streaming feed person (Dirk)
      • If not available, maybe set up alternate.

Friday before the meeting

  • If there is a waiting list:
    • E-mail all "maybes" that they have to confirm
    • E-mail all "yeses" with a reminder.
  • Post details of streaming meeting, if appropriate
    • Give to PWN

24-48 hours before the meeting

  • Attendees
    • Estimate attendance numbers for venue and food budget.
    • Bump all "maybes" if there's a waiting list.
      • Remember to switch RSVPs to manual.
  • Check to make sure speaker is still available
    • Contact backup speaker if not
  • Check with venue to make sure they're ready
    • If venue has tight security, send them a list of RSVPs.
  • Email out reminders to the broadcast lists
  • Confirm:
    • at least one PUG leader
    • food sponsor (if applicable)
    • videographer
    • streaming video person
    • projector availability

2 hours before the meeting

  • Check with speaker
  • Check with venue

Meeting start

  • Announcements
  • Pass hat for food if no sponsor
  • Thank speaker, venue and sponsor as appropriate
  • Speaker on!
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