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Linux World Expo August 7-9 2007

PostgreSQL will have a booth (together with SF Perlmongers) and a BOF at LWE-SF, attended by PostgreSQL luminaries like Bruce Momjian and Josh Berkus. Come hang out and chat with us: it'll be fun!

Birds-of-a-Feather & Dinner/Party

When: Tuesday August 7, 6-7pm

What: PostgreSQL 8.3 Update: Beta features, performance & testing

Where: Room 305, Moscone Center

Who: Bruce Momjian & Josh Berkus

Dinner/Party: Buca Di Beppo, 1 block from Moscone Center, 7:30PM. Wine & garlicky food.

You MUST RSVP if going to dinner, and bring $25 in cash in case we don't have sponsorship for the dinner.

PostgreSQL Booth

We will be in the .ORG pavillion as usual, but this year we'll be sharing our booth with some members of the Perl community so it will be a joint PostgreSQL/Perl booth. The booth will be for 3 days, from Tuesday August 7 to Thursday August 9th. We will also need load-in help on Sunday.

  • Sunday Load-in (8/5 2pm): Josh Berkus, Joe Brenner, Steve Atkins & Laura, Brian Hamlin
  • Tuesday, 8/7 9am to 1pm: Josh Berkus, Robert Hodges, Bruce Momjian, Prerna Mamgain
  • Tuesday, 8/7 1pm to 5pm: Josh Berkus, Neil Conway, Robert Hodges, Joe Brenner, Robert Noyes, Prerna Mamgain
  • Wednesday, 8/8, 9:30am to 1pm: Josh Berkus, Bruce Momjian, Quinn Weaver
  • Wednesday, 8/8, 1pm to 5pm: Josh Berkus, Joe Brenner, Quinn Weaver
  • Thursday, 8/9, 9:30am to 1pm: Josh Berkus, Bruce Momjian, Githogori
  • Thursday, 8/9, 1pm to 6pm: Josh Berkus, Paul Rivers, Githogori
  • Thursday 8/9 6pm Booth pick-up: Paul Rivers

Volunteers will be given a PostgreSQL t-shirt and asked to wear it, except for the Perlmongers who can wear Perl t-shirts. I will also buy lunch for any volunteers who stay all day.

Other needs:

Demo: We need a demo of cool stuff using PostgreSQL & Perl! Please help!

Corporate Presence

The Open Solutions Alliance will have a huge pavillion at LWE & the Next Generation Data Center. This includes the following PostgreSQL companies:

  • EnterpriseDB
  • Hyperic
  • SourceForge
  • Unisys


Githogori Nyangara-Murage ( githogori -- at -- siliconbazaar -- dot -- com ) Josh Berkus ( josh -- at -- agliodbs -- dot -- com )