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Our job posting platform is a public, global mailing list: you write to the email address, and the email you send will be distributed verbatim to all subscribers of the mailing list. Additionally, a copy of your email is archived in the web at You can also use that link to view previous job postings to get ideas.

When crafting your email, clearly state the employment location in the subject line, as this a global email list. If remote work is possible, mention that in your email as well. Attachments such as Microsoft Word or PDF files documents are discouraged; it's better to include the details of the job position in the email itself. You can, of course, include links to external sites in your email, if necessary.

Once a moderator approves your email, it will be sent to everyone subscribed to that email list. You can see your email posting by looking at the email list summary page. You should then start receiving private email replies to your job posting. (Replies should not go to the group email address.)

This is how your email should look:

From: Joan Recruiter <>
Subject: Penguin DBA in Willsonville, WI 

Worldwide Acme Inc. is looking for DBAs and is willing to relocate
penguins currently living in the Arctic.

Please send your resume over and we will send helicopters to pick you up.
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