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Our job posting platform is a public, global mailing list: you write to the email address, and the email you send will be distributed verbatim to all subscribers of the mailing list. Additionally, a copy of your email is archived in the web at You can also use that link to view previous job postings to get ideas.

When crafting your email, clearly state the employment location in the subject line, as this a global email list. If remote work is possible, mention that in your email as well. Attachments such as Microsoft Word or PDF files documents are discouraged; it's better to include the details of the job position in the email itself. You can, of course, include links to external sites in your email, if necessary.

Once a moderator approves your email, it will be sent to everyone subscribed to that email list. You can see your email posting by looking at the email list summary page. You should then start receiving private email replies to your job posting. (Replies should not go to the group email address.)

This is how your email should look:

From: Joan Recruiter <>
Subject: Penguin DBA in Willsonville, WI 

Worldwide Acme Inc. is looking for DBAs and is willing to relocate
penguins currently living in the Arctic.

Please send your resume over and we will send helicopters to pick you up.

Specific suggestions of topics that will likely have to answered at some point anyway and so can save time for both parties by including:

1) Be explicit about the location at which the work must be performed, if for some reason there is such a limitation, i.e., does the position require relocation to an employer-specified facility?

2) If for some reason relocation is required, is it at the expense of the prospective employee, or will the employer invest in the employee by covering all related relocation costs?

3) Does the pre-hiring process include an in-person interview? If so, explain the procedure for reimbursement of travel, meals, and lodging.

4) Include responses to something like the "Joel test"

maybe modified for your particular industry if necessary.

5) Include an estimate of the salary range you expect to be able sustain. This might possibly be based on what you currently pay for existing employees of similar experience and expertise, and if so, say that.

A Template Outline


Good: “Hiring Postgres Database Architect”
Better: “Postgresql Database Architect – Remote” or “Postgresql Database Architect – New York” 
Best: “Database Architect – Remote, 6 month contract” or “Database Architect – New York, permanent” 
Not really useful: “Postgres Guru Wanted”


1. It's “Postgresql”, not “Postgres”.
2. This is jobs list. Obviously you seek to hire.
3. It's a Postgresql list, so maybe the word “Postgresql” is not even necessary, but it could be useful for internet search engine indexing.


Job Description:

A few sentences or short paragraph describing your needs and the skills and experience you are seeking and optionally the hiring time-frame or urgency you are facing. Are there unusual or atypical work hours required? If so, are they fully/additionally compensated?

Required Skills:

Skills absolutely required. “Required” means show-stopping: Prospective applicants not presenting this background will not be considered under any circumstances and should not inquire further.

Note: If you specify a number of years experience in particular products/versions, please be sure to check and make sure that product/version has actually existed for that long. Really, it's embarrassing and insulting if you don't.

Optional Skills:

Nice-to-haves. These skills and experiences will differentiate the most competitive prospective applicants and improve their likelihood of successfully securing an offer.

Learning Opportunities:

Job challenges for which the candidate does not necessarily have to bring skills or experience with to the first day on the job but has an interest in and aptitude for learning on the job.


Must the work be preformed at a specific location? If so are relocation costs fully covered or not? Be specific.

For remote work, outline expectations regarding periodic contact and reporting, and if such requires occasional site visits, then talk about the travel expense arrangements.


Permanent or temporary? If contract, how long?


Annual salary for permanent positions. Hourly rate or fixed amount for contracts. Include any additional details regarding benefits that make your firm a competitive player.

About Your Company:

Sure, applicants should do some research on their own, but you should respectfully save them time by providing context: What is the size and market dominance of your firm, what is the scale (global, national, local?), and what level of impact will this job have? What is the ownership structure (publicly traded, employee owned, privately held?). Characterize the work environment (high stress and pressure or healthy, fast-paced or thoughtful and deliberate).

Even More About Us:

Provide relevant hyperlinks.

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