Identity Guidelines

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Identity Guidelines


The official name of the project is : PostgreSQL

The first letter and the last 3 letters ( SQL ) should be capitalized, and all letters should be in the same colour, to avoid accidentally emphasising an incorrect name, such as "Postgre".

Postgres is also accepted as an alternative name.

All other names are incorrect, especially Postgre


The world's most advanced open source relational database

Only the first letter is capitalized.

The primary logo is an elephant head (known as Slonik)

Multiple version of the Logo are available :

  • 3 colors : The head is blue, the inner border is white, the outer border is black.
  • 1 color : Preferred colors are blue ( on lighter backgrounds) or white (on sufficiently dark backgrounds)

In Japan, a turtle logo is used in place of the elephant due to domestic terrorist symbolism.

Use of the logo is subject to our Trademark Policy.


The font is called Strait and is available here.