GSoC 2010

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The GSoC projects accepted for 2010 are:

We are also working on a twitter list for those involved this year. If you are missing, please send us your info:

Key Info

  • March 8th - 12th, Mentoring Application Due
  • March 29th - April 9th, Student Applications Due

Project Admins

  • Robert Treat - Past mentor 2x, co-admin, Mentor Summit attendee.
  • Selena Deckelmann - Co-admin, Mentor Summit attendee.

2010 Mentors

  • Dave Page - Former mentor - pgAdmin, Windows, Packaging, Infrastructure
  • Robert Haas - CommitFest Manager
  • Heikki Linnakangas - Postgres Committer
  • Magnus Hagander - Postgres Committer, Windows, pgAdmin
  • Guillaume Lelarge - pgAdmin
  • Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais - phpPgAdmin

additional reviewers

  • Josh Berkus - auto-configuration, performance testing
  • Andreas Scherbaum - performance, ddl, configuration

Past Success

  • Florian - read-only on snapshots, no advancement of xid on select statements
  • Ivan - Full-Text Support in phpPgAdmin
  • Mickael Deloison - pgScript engine for pgAdmin
  • Luis Alberto Ochoa Paz - Graphical query builder for pgAdmin



  • usable code
    • useful/novel ideas
    • research projects
  • longer term contributors


  • Kick-off Meeting for Community Members
  • Update GSOC page
  • Advertising?
  • Blog that we're participating and seeking students
  • Round of private emails to people who have participated in the past: Heikki, Simon, Mark,
    • request interest, and then follow up in asking about possible topics for students
  • Mentor recruitment and then email to -hackers
    • do this much later when we have some proposals in?
  • Recruitment -- no organized group effort?
    • -announce, -general, -hackers
    • user group lists
    • phppgadmin/pgadmin
    • berkeley
    • Univ. of Maryland -- contact them?
  • Identify the commitfest that the code will be submitted to


  • Stuff to keep students together:
    • Regular blogging from students
    • weekly group IRC checkin? -- two checkin times maybe?
  • Have students communicate on -hackers where appropriate (didn't really work?)
    • Or other relevant -devel lists
  • Mailing list
    • pgsql-students (?) vs. -hackers (?) maybe up to mentor?
    • mentors mailing list -admin mailing list, berkus said?
    • students mailing list via gsoc